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At Strive Fitness, something special was created.
Julian, founder of Strive Fitness, in his own words:
"My biggest joy is seeing people do things they never thought they were capable of."

My coaching style is to push people, without being a drill sergeant. I try to motivate my clients to become better every day through the smallest feats, like rowing on a machine without stopping. I emphasize challenging yet safe workouts, proven to work through research and experience.

"For me, it’s not about having the fastest time or lifting the heaviest weight. Rather, it’s about putting forth the very best effort one can give on any given day."

I created Strive Fitness because I felt there was a space in the fitness industry I could fill. I didn’t create a model based on the old cliché, “fitness for everyone.” I have a program designed for people who really want to challenge their bodies and minds, and simultaneously push their limits.

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