Membership Options
Need a membership that fits your lifestyle?
Luckily, we've got choices.

Single Class

Strive Fitness also provides a single class or drop in rate. Contact us to learn more about our program.

Class Packages

Our class packages option gives our members the flexibility to attend classes at the time of their choosing. Our class pack pricing is simple, straightforward, and competitive with other studio memberships.
*Packs expire six months from the date of purchase

Monthly Membership

ELITE 10 classes per month
LEGENDS Unlimited classes
This is our most popular membership category, providing both unlimited classes per month and flexibility for people on the go.  We understand; you lead a busy life and your membership should reflect your lifestyle.

Which one suits you?

Come talk to us; we'll help you decide based on your lifestyle which one works best for your goals. Remember, you can always sign up for our initial class at a discounted rate. No strings attached. We promise.